About Us

The Parent Council is made up of volunteer parents who have young people at Forrester across all age groups.  We work with the school on activities that help support the welfare and education of our young people.  We represent the views of all parents and carers. We are currently working on the following;

  1. P7 to S1 transition; review transition process & make improvements/changes, support parents with process
  2. School website; working with the school to create a new school website
  3. Parental involvement; improve awareness of Parent Council & the role they play in school life, consider setting up Parental Support Groups

We hold meetings throughout the school year with the Head Teacher and staff.  All parents and carers are welcome to attend any meeting, or contribute via email.  The Parent Council email address is :   forresterpc@gmail.com.

The Parent Council is made up of the following:

Chair: Hugh Brown

Vice Chair: Marianne Sandison

Secretary: Carol Swan

Treasurer: Emma Spence

Parents:  Jackie Barn, Douglas Tully, Sarah Montgomery, Lorraine Kneebone, Amanda Walter, Angela Watson, Hilary Braidwood

Head Teacher: Stephen Rafferty

Teacher rep: Bill Buchanan